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Realiable, Durable and Safe High Pressure Hydraulic Equipment for any application requiring applied force

Experience and Expertise

With more than 50 years of experience, POWERMAN has gained the technical expertise in delivering hydraulic

General Purpose

Some of Powerman's products are used in all industries. Most commonly used are:

  • SA and LH cylinders
  • HP, UP and EP pumps
  • CRH60/130 Crimping tools
  • HPU10/15/25/50 Pullers

Powerman also provides a vast range of accessories to facilitate the use of the equipment.

Oil & Gas

Hydraulic wrenches, pipe-aligners and bolt-tensioners: Used to increase the speed and accuracy of pipe line assembly and maintenance

Hydraulic Nutt-cutters: Used to cut locked nuts in a short time without any damage to the bolts

Air Pumps (AP Series): Designed to avoid explosions in refineries and gas stations and to provide a max pressure of 700 bar

Road & Construction

Among different types of cylinders which Powerman produces, SALN and DA series are the most suitable ones for building and maintaining the bridges and heavy constructions


Powerman’s AP and GP series are suitable to be used in all mines; not only because of their portability, but also because they consume air or gasoline which are easy to be found in every mine site.

Powerman also offers CHR50, CRE50 and CRP50 which are very efficient in mine sites to cut or crimp the cutting ropes efficiently.