Powerman provides the largest selection of cylinders and lifting systems, fully supported and available through our sales representative .we have a solution for virtually any applications pushing, pulling, bending or holding –in most industrial and commercial work environments. Powerman offers 80 different configurations of hydraulic cylinders ranging from hydraulic jacks and various combination mechanical tolls with advantage of portability and tight fits, engineered for your requirements.


Powerman hydraulic pumps are available in over 200 different configurations. Whatever your high –pressure pump needs like speed, control, intermittent or heavy duty cycle you will find in Powerman pumps. They are suitable for the applications featuring hand, battery, electric, air and gasoline powered models.



Powerman offers an extensive range of tools to ensure that even your most demanding application can be undertaken with the highest degree of safety and accuracy.Powerman hydraulic tools are available in various collections:

  • Industrial tools are designed for maximum strength and durability. Pullers, Punchers and Pex are the most commonly used.
  • Dedicated tools for a wide range of operations used in connection technology . Most comman applications are Crimping, Cutting and Punching.
  • Bolting tools, hydraulic nut splitters and variety of mechanical and hydraulic spreading tools.


Powerman system components are designed and engineered for all the additional elements you need, to complete your high pressure hydraulic systems and get started. Powerman offers you a complete line of hydraulic hoses, couplers, fitting, manifolds, oil and gauges. Powerman has the accessories to complete your system and ensure the efficient operation, long life and safety of your hydraulic equipment.